June 22, 2017



Leather Tannery in Ethiopia


Ethiopia has the largest livestock population in Africa and is the best source in the world for top quality highland sheep and bati genuine type goat skins, well known for their high performance making them ideal for gloving, garment and shoe applications.

HAFDE produces a wide range of locally sourced, high-quality cow, goat and sheep leathers using vegetable, chrome and chrome-free or a combination of tanning methods. These leathers can have a variety of finishes including full grain, suede, nubuck, etc. Almost any colour is possible as long as HAFDE is provided with a pantone.

Years of research have enabled HAFDE to produce impressive vegetable leathers with the same quality softness, flexibility and bright colours as conventional chrome leathers.These leathers are produced in accordance with international regulations, such as the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations. They have also gone through stringent quality tests (for colourfastness, resistance, flexibility) performed by international shoe brands. This research and development is being applied in order to achieve the same results with HAFDE’s chrome free leathers.

HAFDE has also developed innovative tie-dye techniques that can be used on any of the leathers on offer. The leathers can be dyed in a range of bright colours and patterns. This process is made by hand, allowing unique, original and intricate designs to be created that are suitable for a range of items.